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Uncovering the Past

Tattoo Antiques is a place to showcase my extensive collection of original tattoo photographs, business cards, trade catalogs and hand-painted flash art from the 1870s through World War II. These rare items are packed with important clues about pioneering tattoo artists and tattooed attractions. To see a few of my prized possessions and learn more about my latest research projects, please check out the blog and gallery.



About Me

My name is Derin Bray. I'm an author, curator, historian and dealer in American Art & Antiques. I'm also a passionate collector of the odd and unusual. I've travelled all over the country in pursuit of historic tattoo material and have had the good fortune to examine tens of thousands of rare items in museums, research libraries and many places off the beaten path. Now it's time to share some of what I've learned and collected. 



Wanted Tattoo Antiques

I'm always on the hunt for vintage tattoo items from the Dime Museum era of the 1870s through the mid-twentieth century. If you have antique photographs, business cards, hand-painted tattoo flash, or related material, I would love to hear from you. Premiums paid for exceptional pieces!